French – Bienvenue au Gros Franck.

Spanish – Beinvenidos a Le Gros Franck.

Deutsch – Wilkommen Bei Le Gros Franck.

Catalan – Benvinguts a Le Gros Franck.

Gallego – Benvido o Le Gros Franck.

Italiano – Benvenuti a Le Gros Franck.

Turkish – Le Gros Franck’ A Hosgezdiniz.

Polish – Zapraszamy Le Gros Franck.

Russian- Npnrnauiaem Le Gros Franck

Chinese – 歡迎光臨 Le Gros Franck!

Estonian -Tere Tulemast Le Gros franck

Le Gros Franck uniquely in Cambridge serves genuine French cuisine,

Cooked by an award-winning French chef Franck

On Thursday,Friday and Saturday evening, dine on fine French food cooked freshly and served with French flair

filet de boeuf Rossini

and warmth. Franck showcases regional French dishes cooked just as they should be, such as filet de boeuf Rossini,confit de canard escargot persilles and a range of fish dishes. Choucroute,Many regional of French wines are available.