Michael Ayres

The Star Of This Month

Michael Ayres is writer who has lived in Cambridge for over 20 years and has eaten at Le Gros Francks for over 8 year :

it is his Favourite.

His third book of Poetry , “KINETIC, was published in 2007,and is available from and


Welcome To


French – Bienvenue au Gros Franck.

Spanish – Beinvenidos a Le Gros Franck.

Deutsch – Wilkommen Bei Le Gros Franck.

Catalan – Benvinguts a Le Gros Franck.

Gallego – Benvido o Le Gros Franck.

Italiano – Benvenuti a Le Gros Franck.

Turkish – Le Gros Franck’ A Hosgezdiniz.

Polish – Zapraszamy Le Gros Franck.

Russian- Npnrnauiaem Le Gros Franck

Chinese – 歡迎光臨 Le Gros Franck!

Estonian -Tere Tulemast Le Gros Franck

Cambridge's original French Cafe